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A bit more about… David Checkley.

January 30, 2013

One of our hackers is David Checkley.

David’s work involves the use of light not just to illuminate and serve functionality, but to create, re-define spaces and evoke emotion, to make the public see and understand spaces from a unique perspective.

The other aspects of his work concentrate on interactivity, participatory art works to provoke an emotive response of the forbidden, mischievousness or to trigger creativity and philosophy in the participant.

As well as skills in technical management, electrical and electronic disciplines, design, lighting and construction, David has been involved in the production and curation of exhibitions ranging from galleries to social interactive arts projects as well as providing help, advice and enablement for other artists.

Some recent projects have included building giant burning sculptures and installation artworks  for Shambala festival, social impact lighting in Bavaria, Lighting church roofs and making interactive sound installations as part of the multi discipline arts collective, Project X and making sound immersive installations exploring human conditions.

Some previous projects with The Public have included “Radioactive”; Technical Design, management and installation art based around the Commercial X-ray works, Smethwick.

The Lighthouse project, Design and build of lighting schemes for a portable arts show for The Public’s showcases and “Livework”; a project involving 8 artists creating live/work spaces.


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